Marriage Issues: Are they real? What is Wrong?

When “Experience is the best teacher” is the language we speak most times, our voices are not at any time listened to, we, the few who get the view from a distance and are yet to get there. Our opinions never count. We are there to be seen and heard and never to be listened … Continue reading Marriage Issues: Are they real? What is Wrong?


Chebukati cannot just count

In as much as I am not a Lawyer neither am I a student of Law, nevertheless I would want to be one. The constitution is an understandable document and its alteration can be easily detected. Well, Chapter Seven of the Kenyan Constitution that was adopted and promulgated on the 27th August 2010 titled Representation … Continue reading Chebukati cannot just count

Titus’ escapades around the CBD III

Did I trust her that much? Or maybe did she trust me that much? Didn’t she know that I might move out to a different house and forget all about her? That the monies she left behind were a surplus to my accustomed rent? Moreover, all the ATM Cards, I knew that I wouldn’t miss … Continue reading Titus’ escapades around the CBD III


Letter To Satan

Lucifer, I do not know your physical address yet because you are roaming around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour and that is why I addressed this letter to hell as I know you will end up there. Our post offices here work with physical postal addresses and the last time I … Continue reading Letter To Satan


Letter To God

Dear Jesus Christ, Owing to the fact that you are a Father to me, I know you expected a friendly letter. For once, allow me to make it official as I am writing on behalf of Kenya. Truly, I have not been mandated to do so by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country … Continue reading Letter To God


Titus’ escapades around the CBD II

I looked at her in disbelief. I was puzzled, Sasha was such a pathological liar. There was no way she would spend the night at my place. I replied, “Get a taxi to Karen besides you got money na kutumia si shida.” I was so determined that I would do all I could just to … Continue reading Titus’ escapades around the CBD II


Unemployment is Sickening.

Life has been unfair to us nonetheless we have invariably thrived. Having an engine of resilience explicates it all. I put my pain and disappointments on this A4 size single-ruled paper, holding my black sharp-pointed as well but for your case I lay my fingers gently on the QWERTY keyboard. I have no assurance that … Continue reading Unemployment is Sickening.